We are expert consultants providing professional services in the fields of  tax and customs and international trade, offering means to enhance your organization’s capabilities in all  tax and customs related areas. C.E.B.E. is managed jointly by two former Customs Authority Directors of the Israeli  tax and Customs Authority who served in this capacity over the past 13 years. Together, we offer our 30 years of experience which contributed to the Israeli Customs’ current status and efficiency as a modern tax generating organization.

We have extensive experience training and providing consultancy services to governments,  tax and customs authorities and international companies worldwide.

The Company employs former senior  tax and customs officers with vast professional experience in the following fields: establishing, integrating and managing computerized systems, establishing border crossings (marine and air ports and land crossings), procurement and operation of technological equipment, creating and simplifying working procedures, risk management, securing the supply chain management operations, information management, assessment, tariffs, investigations intelligence and fighting money laundering.

Our vast experience has positioned the Israel Tax Authority and Customs Directorate as one of the leading organizations regulating Israel’s international trade and as a world leading Customs Organizations with a reputation for innovation, technology, advanced work procedures, solutions for security threats, simple trade procedures, removing bureaucratic and other barriers, complete transparency when working with the private sector and showing a steady increase in revenues.

These achievements and the activities initiated to promote excellence in public service have awarded the Israel Customs recognition as well as being ranked 10th in the World Bank’s prestigious Doing Business Index for three consecutive years.